The IFA Direct program consists of relevant, affordable and accessible study units which will enhance your
professional reputation. By developing your knowledge and skills you will gain a broader and deeper understanding
of key subjects relevant to accountants and tax advisers in, or supporting, small businesses.

IFA Direct is for you if you want to:
• achieve IFA membership
• invest in professional development
• gain an IFA practising certificate (UK members only)

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14 units, two routes to membership

IFA Direct is administered in partnership with ATHE, a global awarding organization regulated by Ofqual

The program comprises 14 flexible study units which are delivered online through a network of ATHE
recognized center. You can study more than one unit at a time over a 4-6 week period and as they run continuously you can roll off one unit straight on to another meaning you never have to wait before starting a new subject. At the end of each unit you will complete a final assessment set by your center.

Achieve IFA membership 

The IFA is a full member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) the global accounting standard-setter and regulator. Membership delivers the enhanced professional recognition and career prospects that comes with being able to call yourself an IFA Financial Accountant or Tax Adviser. In addition, as an IFA Financial Accountant you will receive dual membership of the Institute of Public Accountants (Australia) and be able to use the designatory letters AFA/MIPA. 

IFA membership brings access to a community of like-minded professionals who benefit from supportive branch meetings, expert technical materials and inspiring events and CPD workshops.  

Gain an IFA practising certificate (UK members only)

For UK-based members holding an IFA practising certificate means you can offer accountancy services to the general public and can do more than with many other associations and professional bodies. You’ll also be able to undertake charity independent examinations and ATOL/Civil Aviation Authority work.   

Invest in continuing professional development

Investing in relevant and regular CPD is an important way to stay abreast of new developments and best practice in a fast-changing environment. It can boost your motivation and improve the quality of your work and the service you provide. 

IFA Direct Program is

  • Accessible
  • Relevant
  • Recognized
  • Affordable

For Registration in IFA Direct Program

Miss Hadia Ashiq |+92 306 8875000 |+92 320 8875000


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