Financial Modeling Training in Karachi Pakistan

If you want to get financial modeling training in Karachi, Pakistan, LEXICON School of Business and Finance is the premier institute offering corporate in-house and public training in both physical and online mode of delivery.

Our Certified Financial Modeler (CFM) is a flagship program which is endorsed and completion certificate is awarded by Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) UK

Example of Financial Model

Below is the example of the financial model page prepared in Certified Financial Modeler (CFM) training where we prepare the complete financial model from scratch in Microsoft Excel

Financial Modeling Course Outline

LEXICON Certified Financial Modeler (CFM) is a comprehensive training program which cover the content from basic to advance level in financial modeling, including:

· Advanced Excel Functions
· Business Reporting & Financial Analysis
· Fundamentals of Financial Modeling
· Financial Modeling Best Practices
· Understanding Workbook, Worksheet and Cell formatting for model
· Preparation of Schedules for Financial Model
· Financial Statements Projection Model
· Discounted Cash Flow Model
· Scenarios Management & Analysis
· Project Appraisal Calculations
· Model Auditing Techniques

How to Register for Financial Modeling Course i.e Certified Financial Modeler (CFM) – UK

A detailed program can be viewed here of if you are looking for corporate in-house or online training get in touch with us by calling at +92 320 8875000 or writing an email at info@lexicon.edu.pk

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