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Hina Nisar Sadouzai

Hina Sadouzai has the spunk needed to rapport human resource in a learning way. She scrutinizes herself to bring more positive attitude to herself as well as the cadre she trains.

Professional Skills

Human Resources 95%
Leadership 95%
HR Practices 89%
Personal Development 90%

Experience & Activities

Hina is Human Resource Development consultant and lead trainer. She works with multiple national and international organization from corporate and development sector including oil and gas, banks, multinationals and ,many community organizations. Currently she is wrorking with LEXICON , ORG.EXC, NPO, SMEDA as a Consultant and Lead Trainer. Hina relies on leadership principals to have solution oriented approach on logical reasoning and rationality in her trainings. She trains to counter cognitive barriers to unlock performance and productivity in organizational development. Her training combine the tangibility and measurability of skill enhancement with a deep intellectual component to deliver knowledge and transfer experience with different innovative techniques regarding practical aspect to learn that rests on recognition of the self. Moreover she is an International visitor leadership program alumni.