Private Exam

To help meet the needs of a fast-paced workforce, the FMI offers cost effective private exam sittings for groups of professionals or students. Private exams are a great way to quickly allow students or key individuals in your company to earn their financial modeling certification.  

Private Exam for Organizations

As per our practice some organizations approached us for fast track completion of Certified Financial Modeler (CFM)-UK certification for their key employees, so to cater this need we organize private examination of CFM at organizational premises to help their employees to earn financial modeling certification quickly.

Private Exam for Universities

We are offering the great opportunity for students of accounting and finance programs to get international financial modeling certification in a quick way with the private examination that will held in respective university.

Minimum Number of Candidates

LEXICON normally organize private exam for the group of 15 or more candidates.

Notice Period for Exam

Private exam can be arranged with minimum 15 days’ notice.

Benefits of Private Exams

  • Time Saving: A great way to certify group of individuals quickly
  • Cost Saving: Minimize the time and cost with private exam.
  • International Certification: Cater your training requirements with international certification.
  • Two in one: Professional certification for students while studying academic sessions.

Special Preparatory Class​

LEXICON will provide special exam preparation class well before appearing into private exam.


  • Price vary from number of candidates and venue requirements.
  • Please contact for a quote
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