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Financial Leadership is beyond the number(s) that  map the future, including strategic input. Keep an eye on the outside world, in particular, but not exclusively, around financial issues. Use this to provide top quality input for financial, analytical
and strategic for decision-making.

The objective of this course is to offer candidates a set of techniques which address all below mentioned needs so  that each participant become a more valued asset to the  businesses and has a seat in strategic decision-making table.

This strategic program aims to help participants fulfil their role as coaches and strategic financial leaders by addressing these key areas:

  • Analytical – to accurately diagnose the organization’ strategic position and to recommend appropriate responses using business strategy analysis, value chain analysis and big data analysis, artificial intelligence and design thinking skills.
  • Financial skills – the ability to understand strategic corporate finance, strategy analysis, strategic costing, budgeting and strategic planning.
  • Strategy – To inculcate what strategy, strategic planning and how to make strategic decisions.
  • Leadership Skills – the ability to achieve leadership excellence, problem solving and negotiation skills. 
  • Finance Digital Transformation – the understanding to new skills required for finance leaders including data sciences , Strategic Financial Analysis & Visualization

Key Benefits of the program

  • Complete a strategic-level qualification alongside your current role
  • Build your professional networks with fellow finance professionals and senior executives
  • Gain exposure to the top ranks of business and financial practice
  • · Boost your confidence and credibility at a senior level
  • Stand out from the crowd with competitive advantage
Finance & Management
Strategy & Leadership
Analytics & Bus Intelligence

Who Should Attend

The course is primarily – but not exclusively – aimed for senior accounting and finance professionals working in industry, business and financial services like:

  • CEO & CFOs
  • Finance Directors
  • Country Managers
  • Financial Reporting Mangers
  • Manager Accounts & Finance
  • Other Senior Professionals

Course Contents

   Strategic Finance & Decision Making

  • Enterprise Value and its importance in Corporate Finance
  • Business Restructuring and Financial Position
  • Effective financial planning and analysis
  • Phasing of Budgets
  • Financial Reporting Priorities
  • Business Risk and Financial Risk
  • Cost Optimization and Controlling Working Capital
  • Strategic Financial Decision Making

   Finance Business Partnering and Practical Issues in Becoming a CFO

  • Role of a Finance Business Partner
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Adaptability of modern business models
  • Practical challenges in becoming a strategic CFO


  • Organizational goals and strategies
  • Industry analysis and how to achieve competitive advantage
  • Strategic benchmarking – measuring the performance of other companies
  • Strategy and change
  • Strategy Analysis as a tool to solve problems/make better decisions
  • The impact of business strategy on shareholder value added
  • Global strategy
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) and the Balanced Scorecard
  • Design effective partner strategy balancing sales imperatives with financial constraints
  • Industry Analysis

  Personal & Leadership Skill

  • Strategic Communication and Presentations
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Alignment of Organizational, Functional, Departmental & Individual Goals
  • Achieving Leadership Excellence – Situational Leadership
  • Business Processes & Change Management
  • How to become finance business partner: working with non-finance functions for overall business growth.
  • Personal branding and networking
  • Work Life Balance

  Financial Digital Transformation

  • Technology and future of Finance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing and new technology Trends

  Strategic Financial Analysis & Visualization

  • Data Analytics with Power BI
  • Business Intelligence with Power BI
  • Advanced Financial Analytics and Visualization
  • Strategic Financial Dashboards in Power BI

I would like to say thank you to LEXICON trainer who patiently taught me new and advanced knowledge not only in excel but also topics about real business scenarios. I highly recommend LEXICON for the overall excellence in learning experience for Accounting and Finance professionals
Cherphil Ann V. Libunao,
Financial Planning & Analysis Lead

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Awarded by

After successful completion of the training and assessment requirements, Certified of Completion will be awarded by Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA), an International Professional Accountancy Membership Body having more than 40000 members and students in more than 80 countries.

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