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Bachelor of Business in Banking and Finance

Bachelor of Business in Banking and Finance (Hons) program is able to produce highly qualified and professional workforce for the next wave of global economic activities that will revolve around the industrialization of the Banking and Finance. The program includes cooperative programs with industry and other academic institutions to share their knowledge of Banking and Finance including new developments in technologies, current implementation status and prospects of future expansion of the Banking and Finance industrialization. The curriculum for the Bachelor of Banking and Finance is structured in such a manner so that it compliments other academic pursuits at the Lincoln University College.

The aim of the Faculty of Business and Accounting program of Lincoln University College, Malaysia is to be regarded both locally as well as globally as the provider of highest quality skilled professionally tuned graduates who are not only able to steer the organizations to bright futures but are also able to contribute for the betterment of the society and mankind.

The aim of this programme are to enable students to:

  • To build capable finance professionals to sustain the needs of modern and dynamic organizations and the banking and finance industry in particular.
  • To create graduates with the necessary skills to manage a wide range of banking and finance issues in addition to developing a sound business education.
  • To generate students with an opportunity to improve their knowledge and permits further studies and specialisation in their discipline

There is currently a considerable shortage of professionals in the field of Banking and Finance within Malaysia and the neighbouring countries. The production and the demand of the Banking and Finance are increasing exponentially and currently makeshift engineers and technicians fill the positions in those activities. For Computer or IT industry to flourish, trained professionals are needed so that the industry can grow in a systematic and efficient manner. Moreover, because of the lack of trained professionals in the field of Banking and Finance technology, many of the local resources that could contribute significantly to the development of the nation remains untapped and or underutilized costing the nation not only in employment opportunities but also in export potentials. Without these trained professionals, it will be difficult for any nation to make a smooth transition into Banking and Finance economy and to realize full potential of these opportunities. A variety of careers are available to graduates of this program, depending on their area of interest in the banking industry. Possible careers include:

  • Branch manager
  • Commercial lender
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial planner
  • Credit analyst
  • Operations manager
  • Bank examiner

Minimum Duration : 36 Months.
Maximum Duration : 36 Months.

Sl.No.MQA Subject CodeSubject NameCredits
1BBF 1113Business Management3
2BBF 1123Business Mathematics3
3BBF 1133Information Technology And Systems3
4BBF 1143Personal Development And Communication Skills3
5MPU 3113Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization (TITAS) (Local students)3
6MPU 3163Malay Communication (International students)3
7MPU 3123Ethnic Relations (Local students)3
8MPU 3173Malaysian Studies (International students)3
9BBF 1243Quantitative And Statistical Method3
10BBF 1214Business Accounting4
11BBF 1223Financial Management 13
12BBF 1233Principles Of Microeconomics3
13BBF 1253Management and Accounting3
14MPU 3232Leadership Skills and Human Relations2
15BBF 1323Financial Accounting3
16BBF 1313Company Law3
17BBF 2414Bankruptcy Law4
18BBF 2423Principles Of Macroeconomics3
19BBF 2434Banking And Financial Law4
20BBF 2443Financial Management 23
21MPU 3342Malaysian Government and Public Policy2
22BBF 2513Investment Decision3
23BBF 2523Understanding Markets and Consumers3
24BBF 2544Merchant Banking Operation4
25MPU 3452Community Service2
26BBF 2534Industrial Security Law4
27BBF 2614Corporate Finance4
28BBF 2624Financial Services Marketing4
29BBF 2634Enterprise Risk Management4
30BBF 2644Financial Market And Institutions4
31BBF 3714Business Law4
32BBF 3724International Finance Markets And Management4
33BBF 3734Investment Analysis4
34BBF 3743Strategic And Change Management3
35BBF 3753Business Ethics3
36BBF 3813Entrepreneurship Development3
37BBF 3823Environmental Management And Technology3
38BBF 3834Financial Modelling4
39BBF 3844International Financing And Trade4
40BBF 3853Research Methodology3
41BBF 3916Business Research Project6

Intake :

  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

Entry Requirements :

  1. Passed the Malaysian High School Certificate (STPM) by attaining minimum NGMP 2.33 or Grade C + in 2 subjects and earned a Mathematical Honors as well as graduated English at the SPM level; Or
  2. Passed the Malaysian Higher Certificate of Religion (STAM) with good in two subjects and earned a Mathematics honors and passed the English Language at SPM level; Or
  3. Passed the Foundation / Foundation Program / Foundation program from an institution recognized by the Government of Malaysia by attaining a minimum CGPA of 2.50 and earned a Mathematics Honors and passed the English Language at the SPM level; Or
  4. Passed Diploma in Accountancy (Level 4, Malaysian Qualifications Framework) from institutions recognized by the Government of Malaysia with a Mathematics credentials and passed English at the SPM level; Or
  5. Other recognized qualifications are equivalent to that by the Government of Malaysia.

For non-Malaysian citizens, please refer to the Malaysian Qualification Agency’s (MQA) List of Overseas Qualifications & its equivalency with Malaysian Education System to see if you qualify for this course.