ACIB Intro

Islamic Banking and Finance is growing rapidly around the globe, Associate Certified Islamic Banker(ACIB) is designed especially for the candidates who are willing to get comprehensive knowledge of Islamic Banking and Finance. This course is innovatively designed for the new aspirants who can’t leave their homes or offices.

  • Strong knowledge and understanding of Islamic Banking and Finance basics.
  • Skills and understanding that will enable them to follow a career in areas of Islamic
    Banking and Finance.
  • Competencies and practical skills in Banking and Finance Finance.
  • Flexibility in learning keeping in view latest changes and developments in the allied
  • Introduction to Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Islamic Contracts
  • Islamic Modes of Finance-Partnership Based
  • Islamic Modes of Finance-Trade Based
  • Ijarah-Islamic Lease
  • Takaful -Islamic Insurance

Up to 4 months or earlier.

Everyone having an interest in Islamic banking or want to start his career in Islamic banking can start this qualification.